As the tax preparation and accounting environment becomes complex and global, business owners are becoming more concerned that they have the appropriate resources, upgrades and talents available to manage their accounting and taxes. The strategic and planned sourcing partner in corporate finance solutions like J&M, will bring confidence to address any tax or accounting challenges that they might encounter. Our tax preparation and accounting offices are located in Palmdale and servicing all of the Antelope Valley.

With continuous association with other professionals, J&M brings our specialized capability and expertise to corporate finance team to enhance both, where and how work is done through networking, global Finance and Accounting services:

Scope of Services:

  • Business Growth advised
  • Needed Forecasts
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Revenue, Cost, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Financial Analysis
  • Short Term/Long Term Budget Planning
  • Establishing and improving process of internal controls

 Accounting Operations Analysis

Tax management and preparation

Formation of DBAs, Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships

Cash Management

  • Banking Relations
  • Cash & Debt Planning & Management